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Web Hosting

HTMLgraphic Designs dependable web hosting packages provide the control, flexibility, and reliability needed to create a successful online presence. With 99.9% up-time guarantee, it’s no wonder why we can host some of the best web sites in the world. To provide every hosting client with complete reliability we monitor all our shared-server CPU loads, memory utilization, network throughput and response times.

No other operating system can touch the speed, reliability and the feature list that Unix has. With over 150 different pre-installed features Unix is the choice operating system for 8 out of 10 web hosting clients. Offering streaming audio & video, unlimited email accounts, secure server ssl access, and total account management using our exclusive Controlled Hosting system are just a few of the hundreds of features each Unix account comes with. But if your not familiar with Linux based hosting, we can certainly provide you with windows VPS hosting solutions.