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Email Services Overview

HTMLgraphic Designs’ email service allows easy access to all your email whether you use POP, IMAP, or webmail access through a web browser. Our email services include SPAM checking and virus protection. All webmail logins and client-side connections are securely handled by 128bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Below you will find information on our web mail applications. Webmail Login

HGmail (HTMLgraphic Mail) was originally designed to help our customers receive only the e-mails they want and store these important e-mails in a secure environment. Our e-mail solution commitment is to provide secure 24/7 access in a variety of connection methods, giving you only the e-mails you need and want. HGmail will launch new features as needed by customers’ demand. Don’t worry, our system has everything you should need when checking on and corresponding to e-mails. Below is just a summary of those features that are available now. If you have specific requirements or wish we had a certain feature, please let us know!

Email Ads

HGmail never displays advertisements within the web-mail interface and never inserts tag-lines into outgoing messages.

SPAM Mail Folder

HGmail will store all e-mail marked as SPAM by the email filter in a special mail folder named Spam. If a particular message receives too high of a SPAM score, it will automatically be rejected. The bounce back message is important if the message was sent for a legit purpose.

Web-Based Email

HGmail provides web-mail access to your account from virtually any computer connected to the Internet. Web-mail access is a great way to access your e-mail whether from home, work, or while traveling. The web-mail interface includes a rich feature set.


IMAP access included (a sophisticated mail reading and synchronization protocol supported by most current mail software). HGmail provides IMAP services with SSL encryption only. IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a method of accessing electronic mail that are kept on a mail server. In other words, it permits a “client” e-mail program to access remote message stores as if they were local.

For example, e-mail stored on an IMAP server can be manipulated from a desktop computer at home, a workstation at the office, and a notebook computer while traveling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers. All messages received are stored on our mail servers and backed up every night.


POP3 access included (basic mail reading protocol supported by most e-mail software). HGmail provides POP3 services with SSL encryption only. By default, POP3 messages will be deleted from the server. HTMLgraphic will not be responsible for any lost messages when using POP3.


SMTP access included. Almost all ISP’s provide access to an SMTP server, so for most customers, use of HGmail ‘s SMTP server will not be necessary. People who use multiple ISP’s but do not want to switch SMTP servers regularly will probably want to use HGmail’s SMTP server.

You will need to authenticate to send out emails. SMTP runs on TCP port 25 OR 2525 with STARTTLS encryption. This port is often blocked by firewalls of companies to try and combat zombie SPAM systems. With HGmail you can configure your e-mail to send your mail to port 2525 if your ISP blocks port 25. You are free to use your ISP’s mail server or our SMTP server as your needs dictate.

Why can’t I send mail through port 25?

Virus Scanning

In HGmail’s opinion virus scanning is a key feature for e-mail users so we included it with every email account. Both incoming AND outgoing messages are checked by virus scanner on our server.

However, because no anti-virus software can make your e-mail 100% safe, you should always use caution when opening e-mail from unknown sources or containing attachments.

SPAM Protection

This feature, powered by SpamAssassin and many frequently updated RBL lists from around the world, is a powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithm tool for eliminating unsolicited junkmail from your HGmail account. It works on all mail received by your hosted e-mail account, regardless of whether you read your mail via webmail, POP, IMAP or any combination of those.

Our SPAM filtering database is updated frequently with new SPAM hashs. With every message sent through the mail server it learns a little bit more about what is and is not SPAM. If you are trying to send or receive a message that is being blocked, please look at the notification bounce back email stating the problem. Sometimes a manually white-list of a IP or email address is required.


Our systems support a rich set of security feature, SSL encryption. All encryption can be used on all protocols SMTP, IMAP, POP3, either through dedicated alternate SMTP port (also known as ‘alternate port’ option) or with TLS, which is a new standard over SSL. All retrieval of e-mail will be handled with a secure connection. It is a requirement that all message you send use a encryption method. Our mail server do not allow a insecure client connection.

Storage Quota

Amount in megabytes of storage space provided for e-mail. A warning is sent if an account goes over 80% full. The email storage starts with 1GB of space for all your email needs. Increments of 1GB will be allowed storage space is reached

Max. Email Size

Maximum size of one e-mail (including headers and MIME overhead) with attachments is a whopping 100MB which is much more than the average of 3MB or 5MB. You should not try to send attachments over 10MB. Be aware most other email providers have a email size set between 6MB – 10MB so because our limit is high your recipient might not be able to receive it.

Hosted Email

HTMLgraphic can provide you with a website hosting solution that allows you to purchase the best/cheapest access without worries about e-mail and web hosting internally.