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Interactive Booking

Let guests reserve their accomodations using an interactive map. Perfect for campsites or multi building locations.

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Reminder Emails

Send reminders to guests as they arrive with details and directions. Send a thank you message when they jet home.

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Interactive bookings.

Do you manage a camp site and would like to have reservations booked via a map to reserve the perfect spot?

Do you manage a trade show and would like to your sales team to see open inventory on map?

Allow our custom programming solutions to intergrate with the Checkfront Booking System to make this possible. Increase online sales and decrease reservation complications.


Reminder emails.

Traveling to a foreign land requires planning for the enexpected. Have tips and maps sent to your guests a day before they arrive via email automatically.

We can create additions to your checkfront reservation system and have specific emails sent to unique properties.

You have a need to send out more targeted emails with your reservations and this can be done. By using the event notification service from Checkfront a notification can be sent to a server with information about the reservation. From this a custom template can be used to information a guest with the correct information.

As an additional example. Let’s say you have 5 properties and they spread around the city. The guest booked a reservation at 123 ABC Street and after booking a rental car they are on their way to this location. You could have a text message or email informing the guest of the directions and additional check-in information.