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About HTMLgraphic

Company Info

9 years of developmentHTMLgraphic Designs began as a small web host and web development firm in October of 2001. As a Green Bay, Wisconsin based business we help businesses of all sizes grow and develop their online image. HTMLgraphic provides outstanding design and development services. We continue to grow daily with new innovative ways to service our customers and steadily provide better services than our competition.

Mission Statement

Since our inception into the web hosting and web development market in October of 2001, we have established several principles for doing business. These principles and overall mission can best be described in three ares:


HTMLgraphic provides scalable Internet hosting solutions and web development for organizations. We hope to continuously grow our client base as a reward for our quality of service, reliability, focus on web development standards and interface design.


We will strive to keep our customers satisfied with the services rendered. Our commitment to continually add new techniques as development technologies evolve without compromising our quality of service is at the forefront of our mission. Our commitment will focus on quality of service, reliability, and support.


With our talented design team, peering network relationships, superior network and server technologies, we hope to exceed all other firms in terms of quality of services. Our commitment to reliability will be evident from the technology in which we invest.

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